Keep wellbeing simple with a Tend journal. 

Tend journals simplify self-care and wellbeing routines, getting you back to the things that make a difference in your life.
Join over 3000 happy customers, and create your best version of wellbeing, today.

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build self-care and wellbeing routines with ease and flow

Create sustainable self-care and wellbeing habits

Self-care and wellbeing gets to be easy. The Tend journals show you simple ways to bring your energy back to you and feel like your best version of yourself.

build your best routine, not instagram's

The best self-care routine is one that works for you. Tend lets you decide what you do, and there's no right or wrong way to have a Tend journal.

You're unique. Your wellbeing should be too

Tend is all about celebrating what works for you. You know best what works for you, and you don't need to impress anyone with your self-care routine.

Focus on what actually matters

Take away the external bullshit and focus on you. Mindfully prioritise your self-care and wellbeing, and build habits and routines that last.


POWER wellbeing diary

The beautiful, hardback one-year diary is here! Get the beautiful hardback diary that helps you build a routine for 2022 and helps you focus on the things that will genuinely make a difference.

Shop now for your all-in-one diary that will help you build your best version of wellbeing.


What's inside?


Your wellbeing at work BFF. This workhouse is designed to hold your wellbeing practice on one side, with space for a to-do list and reminders on the next page. Perfect for chucking on your desk to remind you what really matters (hint, it ain't that email).


Curate your own self-care practice

Every journal has space for you to create your own Pick and Mix self-care menu - perfect for those days where you know you need to do something but don't know what to do (we all have 'em)



All the wellbeing essentials in one spot. This A5 journal features 12-weeks of POWER tracking, plus space on each day to write quick notes or sentence-a-day style journalling.


Nice things people have said about us

It sounds cheesy but this journal has truly changed my life. I’m less stressed and anxious and it’s cuz I’ve built myself a routine that makes life easier.

I'm in a wheelchair, so things that suggest "physical activity" always make me a bit nervous, but what I LOVE about this journal is that it doesn't say "go for a 15-min walk"; it says to do something to move your body. It's such a shift from the usual wellbeing bullshit. 

This journal has changed how I look at self-care. Instead of "self-care Sundays", I'm making sure I do something for myself every day and build habits that I can do every day instead of jumping in 100% and not succeeding within a week. It makes me feel successful.

I got this planner for my daughter who is having a tough time at the moment. While she's getting therapy as well, we've noticed a massive uplift in her mood and how she looks after herself. It's really been a shift in her resilience and self-worth.


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