Wellbeing journal shown with running shoes
Tend: wellbeing essentials journal interior pages
Wellbeing journal shown with running shoes
Tend: wellbeing essentials journal interior pages

Wellbeing Essentials

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Keep your focus on what matters most: your wellbeing routine

Think of the Wellbeing Essentials Journal as your self-care BFF: it'll keep you focused on what matters, encourage you to create positive habits, and build self-care and wellbeing into your everyday life.

Each weekly spread prompts you to note down what you did across five areas of wellbeing, as well as a small space for notes to yourself or one-sentence-a-day type journalling.

          • Create self-care habits that work for you.
          • Stay on track with what matters most.
          • Encourage you to be mindful of the self-care you're doing.

          • 12-weeks of POWER tracking, with space for short reminders or notes next to every day. 
          • Self-care pick and mix
          • Weekly to-do lists with space for notes
          • Note pages at the back
          • Compact and light - A5 in size, 40 pages total
          • 120gsm paper with a card cover
          • Designed and printed in New Zealand

          what are the wellbeing fundamentals?


          Whatever you do to move your body counts.Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

          ONE GOOD THING

          Do something that shows care for yourself or your community.


          Do the things you need to do to keep well i.e. take your meds, drink water.


          Eat the things that make you
          feel good.

          REST AND RELAX

          Do something that switches your brain off for a bit of time.


          Not strictly part of POWER but there's space to track your water in every journal.

          HOW tend helps you

          IT'S YOUR CHOICE

          We're not going to tell you exactly what to do: your wellbeing is unique and will look different from someone else's. We'll guide you, but it's a choose-your-own-adventure style of wellbeing. We're not going to judge you, there's no right or wrong answer, and no one is watching! What you do is enough because you did it. 


          Tend places a strong emphasis on wellbeingself-care and routines and habits. We've incorporated lifestyle tools to help you put yourself first, prioritise your time, and follow through on what you say you're going to do. 


          We understand that putting yourself first and making wellbeing a priority can be challenging. So Tend has everything you need to turn wellbeing into a daily habit. Each day, you'll reflect on what you did for your wellbeing, and we've also got Pick and Mix, the place where you can write down, ahead of time, the things you can do when you're all out energy to think of the things you could do in one area. 

          KEEP IT SIMPLE

          We keep things simple. The wellbeing activities will take you around 5-minutes to complete each day (maybe less!).


          We're big believers in using a wellbeing routine to supplement any other therapies you're doing. Tend's designer, Kelly, takes regular mental illness medications and knows how important it is to enhance rather than replace them. 


          Our customers say that Tend is a "game-changer" and "affirming" because it's so simple to use and really makes you focus on the things that matter most. Over 2500+ people use Tend journals and we've never had a bad piece of feedback!

          what others are saying

          I'm in a wheelchair, so things that suggest "physical activity" always make me a bit nervous, but what I LOVE about this journal is that it doesn't say "go for a 15-min walk"; it says to do something to move your body. It's such a shift from the usual wellbeing bullshit. 

          This journal has changed how I look at self-care. Instead of "self-care Sundays", I'm making sure I do something for myself every day. 

          I love that it allowed me to build on habits instead of jumping in 100% because I always fail. This journal lets me dip in and out as I need to.