Tend Wellbeing for work

Looking after your people

Your people's wellbeing matters. 
It's the glue that holds everything together and has a massive impact on what your organisation can achieve. 

Tend helps employees create their best version of wellbeing, in practical, non-judgmental ways. 

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Wellbeing at work

We all know that wellbeing in the workplace is challenging. Our people are busier than ever, and whatever work/life balance is meant to exist, isn't always possible. 

Tend helps employers be proactive in managing wellbeing that addresses the stress and anxiety our people face in tangible and meaningful way. 

Tend works with organisations to create a culture of care and empowering individuals to take charge of their own self-care in ways that are unique and meaningful to them.

Customise to suit your organisation's needs

including co-branding, important contact details, workplace values and more.

Encourage your people to take responsibility

There are, of course, things workplaces can put in place for wellbeing but the most powerful thing is when your culture encourages people to take responsibility for themselves. Kōura gives them a grounding in how to do this. 

Develop a culture of care at your organisation

Creating a culture of care means your people feel valued and recognised for being a person first. 

What does the journal look like?

The journals are designed to be A4 or A5 in size. They are paperback journals with a minimum of 40 pages (which includes 12-weeks of POWER tracking and four note pages). 
 People get five days of POWER (the self-care methodology we use), along with a place to keep track of their to-do list. Each spread ends with space for people to reflect on their week.

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About me

Kia ora! I'm Kelly. I'm from the Waikato, Auckland, and have family connections to Fairlie, Canterbury as well. 
I'm passionate about wellbeing, and especially about giving our people the skills they need to create their best versions of wellbeing.