Wellbeing at school

Wellbeing for students

The past year has been rough on our rangatahi. They've studied differently, thought differently and being impacted by the world in ways no one expected. Self-care and wellbeing have become even more important. 
You know your student's wellbeing matters. It's the glue that holds everything together as they're working towards their goals. 
A Tend journal is here to help your students build better self-care routines, creating their own unique form of wellbeing. 

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Wellbeing at school

The Tend school planner is unique in that it combines the best of a diary with self-care. This means that your students always have it front and centre, and it’s (hopefully) something they look at most days. 
The journals help create a culture of care at your school and encourage students to take a proactive approach to their wellbeing. 

What it's for

Customise to suit your student's needs

Include the things that are most important to your school like key contact details, dates, and more. 

Create a culture of care at your school

The journals help create an environment where people feel valued for the person they are.

Teach valuable resilience skills

Encourage students to take a proactive approach to their wellbeing that leads to less stress and overwhelm. 

What does the journal look like?

The journals are designed to be either A5 or A4. The A4 size fits perfectly in a ringbinder.

Students get five days of POWER (the self-care methodology we use), along with a place to write down what's due each week and things to do. Each spread has a space for students to reflect on their week. 

space for wellbeing... and life

Students can track their wellbeing and self-care routines on one page, and then write down what mahi is due and things to do in a clean, simple design.

wellbeing activities to build resilience

A series of wellbeing activities that are designed to help students develop resilience and stress management skills. These are the kinds of things that last a lifetime!

Optional assignment and essay planners

Include your school's best practices for organising an assignment or essay. These pages are customisable to suit your school's guidelines.

how can teachers use it?

The journals are intended for pastoral care purposes and aren't intended to be marked or assigned as homework. Generally speaking, we say treat them like a personal diary: they're useful for students but shouldn't be read by teachers (I mean, who's got the time?). 

Some ways to make the journals useful in your school include:

- Use them in homeroom scenarios, with five minutes to fill in what they did yesterday. 

- School counselling: use as an ongoing tool for students to use. 

- Guided peer support and check-ins. 

Want to know more?

About me

Kia ora! I'm Kelly. I'm passionate about wellbeing, and especially about giving our rangatahi the skills they need to create their best versions of wellbeing.

From my time teaching at a secondary school in South Auckland, I know how important pastoral care is for our rangatahi's success. I also know how hectic your days are, whether you're a parent home-schooling your kids, or a teacher with multiple classes.

What I know for sure? No matter your situation, you're doing the best you can by your students.