Frequently Asked Questions

You're unique. And so is your wellbeing.

This is important! For all the people out there training for a marathon, there are people who can just get themselves out of bed. There's those who feed a whole family for a week on what others can afford to spend in a night. There are parents with kids that won't sleep, there are people who are too anxious to sleep, there's those who struggle to have a shower every day. There are those who need to get a script filled every week and those who need regular medical appointments.

Tend Wellbeing Journal's don't pretend it's going to solve all those systematic problems.

What it encourages everyone to do, is to start small. Do something to move your body, do something good for yourself or your community, watch out for yourself, eat what nourishes you and get the rest you can. I'm passionate about making sure people know that wellbeing doesn't have to look like it does on Instagram, or in wellbeing magazines.

Your wellbeing is your own journey.

POWER is a unique self-care methodology that asks you to note down things you've done for yourself across five areas:

1. Physical activity

2. One good thing

3. Watch out for yourself

4. Eat what nourishes

5. Rest and relax

What you do for each of these things is entirely up to you and how you're feeling on the day.

Both journals share the same basic structure but differ in their layout.

> At Work journal

Features seven days of tracking on the left side, and then space for your to-do list and notes on the right.

>Wellbeing Essentials journal

Features seven days of tracking across two pages, with small space next to each page to write notes, reminders, or one-sentence-a-day type journal notes.

We're not going to tell you exactly what to do: your wellbeing is unique and will look different from someone else's. We'll guide you, but it's a choose-your-own-adventure style of wellbeing. We're not going to judge you, there's no right or wrong answer, and no one is watching! What you do is enough because you did it. 

Tend places a strong emphasis on wellbeingself-care and routines and habits. We've incorporated lifestyle tools to help you put yourself first, prioritise your time, and follow through on what you say you're going to do. 

Yes! They have arrived! And look, they're bloody beautiful.

> You can learn more about them and buy them here.

I sure was! Kōura is means crayfish in te reo Maori. And look, crayfish have a lot of good memories associated with them for me. Mainly, driving down the South Island and stopping off at Kaikōura for a feed with my mum, dad and sister. It never fails to make me smile. And, I love eating them.

But, I decided that Tend Wellbeing suits what we do more: we help you tend to your wellbeing, at work, home and everywhere really.

This all happened pretty quickly and so you may still receive items that have Kōura on them. I'll be phasing these out over time.

First of all, you didn't fail. The system sets you up to find this stuff hard, and look, most people do! 

We understand that putting yourself first and making wellbeing a priority can be challenging. So Tend has everything you need to turn wellbeing into a daily habit. Each day, you'll reflect on what you did for your wellbeing, and we've also got Pick and Mix, the place where you can write down, ahead of time, the things you can do when you're all out energy to think of the things you could do in one area. 

Not at all! The wellbeing activities will take you around 5-minutes to complete each day (maybe less!). What's hard is building the habits. Tend will guide you through this, and we're just on the other end of email, Facebook or Instagram if you want to chat!

Heck no. Tend is never going to replace the support given to you by medical professionals. It can enhance that support, but it's not a replacement. Don't stop taking your meds, people! 

A bit of my history? I've had a mental illness diagnosis since I was 14, and you best believe that I take my meds every single day. Following POWER doesn't mean I can stop taking my meds; it's just a way of developing habits and routines that help me keep a bit saner. 

> You can read more about that here. 

Our customers say that Tend is a "game-changer" and "affirming" because it's so simple to use and really makes you focus on the things that matter most. Over 2500+ people use Tend journals and we've never had a bad piece of feedback!

This is not an ordinary diary. It's an investment in your wellbeing and resilience. 

You get an awful lot in one place, and it'll last you for a full year. 

Tend partners with suppliers who use high-grade materials, and minimise impact on the environment. 

Not only are you giving yourself the gift of wellbeing (or the person you're buying from!), we also donate a percentage of our profit to community organisations in New Zealand. 


If you are based in New Zealand, yes!

If you are based internationally, if you order 2 or more products, it will be tracked delivery. If you order 1 product, we can't offer tracking because of the cost to our small business.

Orders placed on a weekday will usually ship the next day. Orders placed Fri-Sun will ship on the next business day.

Now, Tend is run by one person (me!) and sometimes life gets in the way. I'll be in touch if this happens. I also sometimes go on holiday and again, you'll get heaps of warning about that!