All about me (and Tend)

Normally I’d introduce myself over a cup of coffee but given you're at the website, let's do it digitally.

Kia ora, haere mai.

I'm Kelly, the founder of Tend Wellbeing. I have roots in Auckland, Putaruru, Fairlie, and Onewhero, and currently live in Wellington, New Zealand with my partner, son, and my lovable but mad dog. 

I’m a self-care and wellbeing designer, public speaker, nature dweller, and more than anything, I think everyone deserves to have their best version of wellbeing. 

What the heck is a self-care and wellbeing designer? Well, I just made it up. Basically, I’m a graphic designer who gives a shit about wellbeing and self-care.

How Tend started

Your health and wellbeing are the most important thing you have. Without it, nothing else works properly.

You know this but life happens and it’s often the first thing that drops to the bottom of the list. Don’t worry if this is you, it's me too.

You see, I started Tend after experiencing my second (or third depending who you ask) bout of burnout. I was exhausted, mentally and physically, and I wasn’t showing up for my whanau how I wanted to. Something had to change. And it started to when I started building self-care and wellbeing into my every day routine. Instead of prioritising making someone else money, I prioritised going for a walk with my whanau; instead of prioritising the email sent at 2am, I prioritised my sleep. I wanted a diary to track the good shit I was doing for myself, something that was more than an appointment diary because I needed some gentle guidance and some ways to start building a routine and so Tend was created.

Staying well with tend

Tend is on a mission to remind you that you and your wellbeing matter. We keep it simple: do five things, every day, and that will kickstart your routine. We’re not here to tell you to be like that person on Instagram, we’re not here to tell you to lose weight, or train for a marathon, or eat keto. We’re here to tell you that whatever you do, is awesome because you did it. 

For me, my days all look pretty different depending on how busy I am. Some days I go for an early morning walk with my dog, other days, I’m lucky if I get outside for five minutes. I eat what nourishes me, and that’s sometimes a cookie from my favourite bakery or a salad from the Vietnamese place. It all depends on the day. 

This is the magic of Tend. We’re not expecting you to be perfect, we just want to help you bring the best version of you to the world.

what I'd say in a dating profile if I had one

Five quick things about me

I'm an ex high-class carnie, meaning I traveled around the world working on Festivals like SXSW, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London Film Festival.

My favourite food is tacos and I once cooked a feast for 70 people.

I have three tattoos: one of a pair of watercolour flamingos on my arm, a flower on my back drawn by a dude at my old work, and "She persisted" on my wrist.

I drink iced lattes, anytime. I tend not to drink alcohol cuz it makes me anxious but I can't pass up a Chenin Blanc.

I'm a sister, a mother, a partner, a worker, a business owner, a niece, an auntie and a best friend.

I bring toddler food and my phone everywhere.

I only dance to toddler music.

I can't count.

let's shift gear a lil bit...

All about Tend

What we do

We make it easy to live your best life using a proven methodology that helps you create self-care and wellbeing habits and routines.
We specialise in keeping it simple and using practical tools that give you the POWER to enhance your life.
We're a little bit old-school and love the power that comes from mindfully putting pen to paper and not letting other people limit our potential. We genuinely believe that everyone can have their best wellbeing, regardless of where you are in life.

How we roll

Journals that help you focus on what truly makes a difference

Our Wellbeing journals all feature our simple and unique POWER wellbeing system that enables you to bring your best self to your life.

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workshops for workplaces that want to develop practical wellbeing policies

We'll work with you to design interactive workshops and co-design wellbeing policies that are practical and implementable.

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school planners and workshops to build resilience and self-care skills

Tend helps students create wellbeing and self-care routines that build resilience and habits that set them up for success.

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