Managing mental wellbeing when the world is being... the world

2022 hasn't exactly started great for a lot of us. There's Covid; there's war, violent protests, and personal situations that all of us are living (partly because of the pressure of the last two years!). It seems like there is a barrage of shit things to occupy your mind every time you wake up. 

One of the things I've been switching off as much as possible. While it's essential to stay informed, I know that digesting too much bad news is linked to my anxiety and depression spiralling. 

And so, I'm doing my best to switch off. Here's how I'm doing it:

Start with some good

I start my day by reading good news. My go-to's are either Good Black News or Positive News. Now, I know these don't mitigate the bad stuff going on, but seeing some positives in the world sets my mindset up for the day. Usually, I do this before my son wakes up. Once he's awake, there is always cuddle time - mainly while he's demanding food and phone - but there's still time for cuddles. 

Limit consumption to a few times a day

Instead of doomscrolling The Guardian, I'll choose a time and a time limit to check in on the news. I also tend to head for written summaries rather than video or audio as it's easier to digest and not get viscerally impacted. 

Focus on self-care

I stay centred on self-care because I know the world is a shitty place right now. Feeling sad and anxious about everything is normal, and there's no shame in feeling that way. But I know that if I keep my self-care routine on track, I'll feel better for it. And... you know we've got these amazing journals that help you do that right? ;)

Practice community-care

Finding ways to volunteer or donate is another way I reduce my anxiety about the news. While it's easy to feel helpless about something happening in Ukraine, you can contribute, either to services supporting Ukraine or by booking an Airbnb. You can help your community by volunteering with a charitable organisation or donating closer to home. Or, you can get groceries for your friends in isolation, do a contactless flat white delivery to that mum who is in isolation, or catch up over the phone. There are countless ways we can be kind to people in our communities. 

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